The road to happiness starts here #happiness

what type of happiness are you looking for? Once this question is answered, clarity comes.

Types of happiness..

There are two types of happiness, “temporary”and and “long term” happiness, we all tend to choose temporary happiness.

There are businesses planned around this concept. If they can make customers temporarily happy they will succeed. This method of making customers happy will never go away but we can change this by taking back our power to create a happiness mode which lasts long and doesn’t depend on things that we buy and people .If it depends only on others and things we desires it can only create a temporary surge of happiness.

People in our life:

Who are the people that you look up to create your happiness ? Can they constantly put in the effort to make you happy? Is it possible for them to match your expectations and generate the same every time? Most of us fail to answer these questions about happiness.

When the people in our life can make or break our happiness, how can we be in charge .It can only be created from within and when placed in others hands it becomes a temporary celebration.

The key to long lasting happiness is in your own hands:

Most parents don’t teach their children self love, self confidence, and compassion towards themselves even though it is important. As self care and belief in ourselves is necessary from a young age, practicing these can shape them into a healthier adult with enough maturity to face the world.

If you are not able to love your self truly for who you are and celebrate your uniqueness, who else will?

That’s why most wise people simply said, “Look within,” ” Know thyself,” “Everything you search for, is within.”

Is it really that easy to achieve long lasting happiness from within?

These days with so many options readily available, we are in a constant state of “the more the merrier.” Are you feeling satisfied with these choices?

Do you choose long term happiness and how are you achieving it? I would love to hear from y’all, Please comment below….

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