15 doable steps to follow for long lasting happiness.

15 doable steps to follow for long lasting happiness.
❤ Identify, unlock ,release those blocks , live your life to the fullest ❤
  1. Self- love, why? When you don’t feel fulfilled from within, how can you share? You will only get depleted and burdened by sharing .
  2. Self- care: Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Healthy mind is a key to rational thinking and sustainable positivism in all situations.
  3. Learn about yourself : By understanding your interests, talents, strengths, and weaknesses you can follow your dreams at any age.
  4. Acceptance and adaptability to change is helpful, as change is constant. It will help you grow.
  5. Being happy in a given moment by making happiness a simple concept makes it less complicated.
  6. Expressing gratitude towards everything that changes, challenges, and teaches you lessons will make you happy.
  7. Never compare yourself to others, their journey is different. We all are unique and can do wonders by believing in ourselves.
  8.  Problems are temporary, give them time. By focusing positively only on what can be done and having some patience, solutions will come your way.
  9. By meditating and praying everyday, you will recharge from within.
  10. Let go of toxic people and thoughts that deplete your energy.
  11. Making a habit of giving to the less fortunate without expectation.
  12. Be understanding and forgiving for your own peace but do not be a fooled. Set healthy boundaries and learn how to prioritize. 
  13. Relaxing in natural surroundings to reconnect and recharge. 
  14. Doing more work and needing less things .
  15. Spending time with children and old people as they know how to be less serious about life and live fully in the moment.

Are you following any of these. steps and leading a happier life,please comment below…

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