Be a better you, for you

Be a better you for you.
How to be a better you for you

Open the treasure hidden inside of you..✨

Your greatest treasure is inside you mostly lying dormant. Your skills, talents, creativity, passions can be lost as there are too many distractions that are holding your attention these days, your responsibilities, lack of time, energy and motivation can be other causes.

Only your deepest calling for it will unlock the treasure. Be sure to open it soon enough and use it or else it’s just a waste of hidden potential that is lost forever.

As a mother my duties and responsibilities always came first. I took a very long time to follow my passion as my family was my first priority, but l wish l have followed my heart a little earlier. My passions are writing, reading, painting, and helping others; these bring me joy like no other.

When you are productive with the talents you posses, you will be happy no matter what.

Just by doing the things you love, your potential grows immensely and your greatness is achieved. Hence, start unlocking,releasing,re harnessing that power.

There’s nothing better than doing what you love and succeeding at it.

Happy to see many great writers “blogging ” and finding their place online. They are expressing themselves by writing from their core and sharing their valuable experience, knowledge and a new perspective to all.

Thanks to all those who are putting extra efforts to help others achieve their dreams too.

Wish to hear from all those who are transforming by unlocking their true potential every day to follow their dreams..

11 thoughts on “Be a better you, for you

          1. Exactly, constructive criticism is the essence, telling the truth is always a gesture we should uphold and expect from others too.

  1. You offer sage advise, Prashanti, with beauty and simplicity. I am glad that you found your greater happiness and thank you for bravely sharing it with us. Your sharing enriches my life too.

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