Express yourself before its too late πŸ’•β³

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exit through any other medium and will be lost. Martha Graham

Whats stopping u from expressing your love to your loved ones?Β 

There’s a good reason for me to write this blog today, it’s because in many ways I do express a lot but when it comes to people I cannot express how I feel about them so it is not known to them, sometimes it leads to misunderstandings. It’s mostly because of our cultural backgrounds where we are not encouraged to express ourselves freely. I also noticed its difficult to many parents to express their love to their own children. This can sometimes lead to broken relations; those missing links in these relations are due to lack of communication and expression of their true feelings.

When my father fell ill a few years back, I was frightened of loosing him. The thought of not finding him around made me think aboutΒ  how important it is to let him know, how much he means to me, I told him he had done his best raising us and taking care of his family and how much I love him,Β  he was so happy to hear that and by God’s grace he recovered fast, in a way it helped me learn not to take any loved one for granted, their love and presence is the most valuable gift.

A person who expresses oneself is truly blessed as he creates more space for contentment than regrets. With the satisfaction of expressing themselves without fear in a good way they become more relieved, confident, and reliant on how they feel.Β 

Unexpressed and suppressed emotions get bottled up leading to many problems both physical as well as physiological issues. Out of fear and anxiety or ego, many people cannot express themselves well. They may think positively but cannot express the same in words or actions. Most people misunderstand their non- expression and silence as arrogance or ignorance.

Learning to understand your own feelings for others is the first step. Next is to express them right away because time doesn’t wait till you decide to express, it does it’s job finely chopping of your opportunities as it passes. Let every loved one know how much you love them, once you open that door they will also start expressing their love to you. There’s a great mutual benefit hidden in taking that first step. If some people didn’t receive your expression positively please don’t be discouraged to do so with others. Be happy that you expressed freely and got relieved, those who couldn’t receive you positively at first will slowly learn its importance too.Β 

Open up now and start expressing before it’s too late. If any of you had similar realizations and are trying your best please comment below..Β 


7 thoughts on “Express yourself before its too late πŸ’•β³

  1. True things have been written perfectly. Some people are there who can’t express their feelings. Those people should express their feelings at least by writing a letter- I think so.

  2. There is great truth in your words. I have experienced this many times in my own life. Whatever keeps someone from expressing how they feel towards others must be surmounted, as the reward is a greater joy and contentment in your own life. I would caution your readers, that expressing your feelings to another will not promise they will express themselves in return. They may have not yet found the way to express what they feel. But you will never regret your doing so, and that is the goal. Saying ‘I love you’ to someone with no promise of returned feelings or validation, is the selfless act. I really loved this!

    1. Thank you so much Brad, I’m happy that you could connect to the post. yes, as you mentioned if they can express without expectation of reciprocation, it becomes easy and true form of expression.

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