A Detox day for the mind and body ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’ซ

Today is Friday, a special day of the week for me. My detox day for my body and mind. I detox my body from toxins and give my digestive system a break from a week’s worth of processing. I start the day with warm lemon water then when ever I feel hungry I have fruits, juice or coconut water. I drink plenty of fluids till the evening. In the evening, I have vegetable soup or Sauted vegetables and before bed warm turmeric milk, as it aids in good sleep, acts as an anti inflammatory agent, and gives a clearing effect to my mind .

Physically, it’s better not to exercise on a detox day, however, going for a short walk is fine.

A detox day for your mind

Yes, a detox day for mind is also necessary, in fact in this fast paced life it has to be done everyday. As most people are forgetting to take that break, the mind is overloaded, overworked, and restless. It’s easy to give rest to body but for the mind it won’t rest that easy till there’s a change in attitude. Our minds have many barriers, it has to liberate it self from all the swaming thoughts before it can rest completely.

Your mental space deserves just as much of your attention as your other spaces. It has to be cleaned up and cleared of all unnecessary thought programs. This time gives you an opportunity to reprogram yourself which in turn gives you a new energy to handle all activities later with clarity and productivity.

๐Ÿ’ฎ Simple ways to detox your mind ๐Ÿ’ฎ

1.Meditation is the best tool for clearing and oberserving our thoughts. Going to the root of the thought and learn its origin in order to detach from it, and to be in a deep state of flow serves as a complete relaxation to mind.

2. Breathing techniques are also a great way to control impulses and divert your mind into a flow state where mind rests in that flow of breathing and also exercises the lungs.

3. Positive affirmations can help a lot in changing negative mind sets and if affirmed daily can change the total out look and attitude of a person positively.

4. Reading a motivational or a favorite book relaxes and energizes the mind.

5. Taking a short nap while listening to soothing music is a great way to rest.

6. Spending time with your loved ones and laughing together is a best way to de-stress any day.

7. Important of it all is to switch off your attention from your phone and other media.

8. Sitting quietly in a green space rejuvenates your spirit and heals your battered parts.

9. Give yourself permission at least for this day to retire early and sleep soundly.

This is a round about routine I follow and I feel great following these. I hope many of you also follow them, please do let me know your routines for maintaining your health and peace of mind.

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