Let’s have a Coffee break on a rainy day Β©

Rainy days are exciting and comforting to look at, sprouting soils are the beauty of rain

For coffee drinkers and avid thinkers, this is their time to rejoice

Windows and balconies become a gate way of pure joy

Cheers! Give a toast to this blissfull downpour

Monsoon has set in and active here. Weather is cool and fresh, after long hot sunny months, rains are here. It’s a celebration to farmers whose lives depend on it. All the trees and dry patches of land are welcoming lush greenness, children are excited to play in the rain–splashing around in the puddles they fill themselves with joy. Don’t miss a moment to celebrate the rain, one of the life giving energies

Β© 2019 Prashanti Alluri

26 thoughts on “Let’s have a Coffee break on a rainy day Β©

      1. Indeed! Thank You and expecting a pleasant stay at happy inn πŸ™‚ Happy blogging to you too Prashasthi πŸŽ‰

  1. Nice bit of a write.. Just reminded me of my days in my native tropical country…whereas now in a cold whether in another country, I often dream of a warmth of a rainy day in tropical rain..

      1. Enjoy.. Yes. Sri Lanka where I came from will sure to get that.. anyway I can only dream of a monsoon here in Australia apart from frost.. But writers are dreamers…

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