Find where your heart feels at home πŸ’“ 🏑

Now my new and another home is Happiness Inn as I am spending so much time passionately reading, writing, following, and most of all enjoying myself. My heart feels at home here.

Home is not only a physical structure that gives shelter to you, it can be a virtual and imaginary version and it’s a feeling of belonging that resides inside people’s hearts.

If you are not happy and don’t feel a sense of belonging at any place or with certain people or even if it’s a luxurious palace it feels like you’re trapped. Hence, a place where you are unhappy, unhealthy, or vexed is not your home.

Before many people acknowledge and learn about their freedom of choice, they loose their precious time finding where there heart feels at home. Some feel captured in confused commitments or cultural sentiments, not exploring enough options which ties them up for a lifetime.

Home is a feeling πŸ’—

Your heart feels at home when you are surrounded by warm hearted people who truly love you for who you are inside out. They encourage you through all your ups and downs and give a great companionship. Your happiness and growth is important to them. They respect, trust, support, and empower you in all your endeavors.

There’s a glow of happiness in their faces when they look at you with a soft beaming smile and its always there to greet you. They welcome you into their hearts unconditionally with little to no expectations.

Your heart will call it home when a place or a person is filled with love, acceptance, and understanding for you and recognise your boundaries at the same time.

When a mutual sense of home is established, then there is no other heaven on earth. Any country, place, person becomes a happy place where you look forward to return and stay.

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34 thoughts on “Find where your heart feels at home πŸ’“ 🏑

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  2. hi prashanti lovely post…yes i agree with you fully about feeling at home and sense of belonging…we all want to feel that way at some point of our lives…..i sure hope that each one has that special place that they can go to…

  3. This is true. I’ve been stuck with such a problem too where I want to learn about a thing with my friend but I don’t know if I’ll be happy. I can’t get out too because that may lead to an end of our friendship. 😩

    1. Hi Sid, I can understand, take some time off from each other to get some clarity, time heals, reveals, gives solutions too. Focus on the bright side meanwhile, all will be well for you soon, as you grow you learn πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  4. I can relate.. this is truly a Home away from home and have met so many wonderful souls, who had encouraged me, they made me laugh and cry through their write-up. I completely agree! And happy to be a member of Happy Inn ☺️

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