✨The Ultimate guide to happiness

Guest post by Preeti.A

🌺Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for it’s counterfeit – Hosea Ballou

Before you read any further, I would like you to ask yourself one simple question- Are you happy?

It’s a very simple question, the answer can either be yes or no.
If it’s YES, there might be a few reasons behind it or you might be saying it just because you are happy for this moment.

My question is straight and simple but the answer isn’t.

Happiness these days has become complicated and materialistic. To be happy, people are looking for alternatives. We are spending tons of money just to be happy. Even kids tend to choose materialistic happiness even without knowing what it is. Having what you want doesn’t make you happy.
What makes you happy lies right within you, deep down inside of you, hiding somewhere scared to come out.
You may say days have changed, the society has changed, people have changed but maybe you didn’t.
Change is scary especially when it is tied to your happiness.

This blog is written to help you in some way to find the happiness hiding within you.

Here are some simple ways to be happy both physically and mentally and less materialistically.


Being positive can change the whole world around you. It can change the way you see everything. Morever,it is a stepping stone to happiness.

Negativity is like a ticking time bomb, it breaks your life into pieces one by one and explodes in the end leaving you with nothing.
Positive thoughts generate a good vibe around you which is why you’ll feel happy.

Instead of saying you can’t do something, say you can and give it a try, you’ll see it for yourself in the end
it’ll make you happy. If it doesn’t you still have doubts; doubts which are negative.
All you have to do is take a deep breath and let that one positive thought come your way.
Being positive helps you gain mental strength, slowly after you attain that happiness will follow.


Loving yourself is the most important thing.You should learn to love yourself inside out. For example, some people aren’t quiet happy about their physical appearance. They are always dragging through the fact that everyone around them is beautiful or smart or something else. But once we realize that we are thinking wrong and start admiring ourselves, it’ll be a completely a different world.You’ll be special to everyone,you’ll be the center of attraction.

Every person has some flaws, but the ones that accept them are the ones that stand out.
They just don’t stand out, they are HAPPY.
There maybe someone in your life to tell you how special you are but the day you are able to say it to yourself and start embracing it, you’ll be the happiest soul on this planet.


Where there’s a healthy mind, there’s a healthy body.
Health doesn’t only mean watch what you eat but it also means watch what you think.
You are only healthy when you are satisfied with both your mental and physical health.

Mental health is a major concern these days. Stress, negativity or many other external and internal factors are affecting us. Everybody thinks they are healthy but in my opinion the ones that are happy are the ones that are healthy. All I want to say here is eat good, think good and be happy. Smoking and drinking maybe injurious to health but people still choose to smoke or drink anyway but the one thing that is a 100% not injurious to health is Happiness. So, be wise and choose which side your tipping.


I know a lot of people in my life who just don’t seem to trust or judge or plan something without over thinking about the end result. Let’s take a moment and think about overthinking, does it make you happy? Nope,of course not. All it does is raise doubts that mostly start with “what ifs” which usually lead you no where.

When you overthink, it just blocks out all the realistic possibilities and shows you only the more likely less possible cinematic reactions. If you know or understand that the thing you want to do makes you happy, don’t overthink it, not even a second thought. JUST DO IT. We can think about the possibilities another day. You need to know the difference between thinking and overthinking.When you do, there’s nothing that can slow you down from taking a chance for happiness.

Isn’t it fascinating how we are relying on small things to be happy. Things that are expensive or that disappear once they are used or which absolutely mean nothing to us at the end of the day. They are temporary, it’s affect in your life is temporary but your happiness shouldn’t be.

Showing fake happiness only leaves you a heap more of grief.
Love yourself, be yourself, be confident, and appreciate all the small things around you and most importantly Be Happy 🙂

Hope y’all enjoyed reading this post, please do comment below to add more perspectives.


29 thoughts on “✨The Ultimate guide to happiness

  1. I loved reading this. It really made me think about where my life has gone. In response to the question in the beginning of your blog, I would have to say YES. I am happy. I’m happy that I let go of an old job that wasn’t fulfilling. I’m happy to have taken care of my health. I’m happy to have explored opportunities in Journalism. I’m happy to have met so many different people on my journey. I’m happy to have tried interesting things like going under a piano, laying there and listening to sounds of the keys on a whole new level. I’m happy to have started listening to my intuitions and following them. I’m happy to have painted a picture today. There’s so many things that I’m happy for. They are like blessings 😊

    1. Thank you for lovely comment, I’m happy you loved it, glad to know that you are happy with your choices and having a full filling life, your so blessed, it’s great that you realize your blessings too. Wish you many more blessings, have a great weekend 😊

  2. Don’t know but we often tend to hear these almost everyday still need to be reminded this very basic ideology.. always a pleasure to read these self help write ups ad always..

    1. Thank you for reading😊, yes many know the basics of every topic but we forget these basics in busy businesses, these are just simple reminders to who those sink in stress 🌻

  3. This post is about my favourite topic 😊 I think we share same thoughts about happiness😁
    Happiness is a choice and we all can be happy. But we have to realise that only we’re responsible for creating our Happiness. It’s an inside job. Some other person or a thing might bring us happiness but that won’t last long… we should try to become intrinsically happy. For that optimism and gratitude I think are the two most important virtues to follow 😊 And you’re daughter has beautifully elaborated on some of the important ways to be intrinsically happy. Loved her take on this topic!💖

    1. Thank you so much, I m glad you liked it, yes, my daughter has her own views on how to create her own happiness which shudnt be depending on others, happiness is an inside job, let’s spread this msg to many, who rely on others and get dissapointed often 💕😊

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