A mother’s tender love ~a divine gift ๐ŸŽ€

What’s a mothers love made of ?

They are special from head to toe.

They work with God above

To care for us as we grow.

They have great skill

To tend to our needs

And when we are bad, they love us still,

No matter where our troubles lead.

Remember you put to bed after

you’re bathed and cleaned.

You’re warm and we’ll fed

And nothing but love seen.

And when a child might cry,

A mother will wipe their tears.

They encourage us to try

To overcome our fears.

They teach us to never hate,

And never turn to lies.

They don’t rush us they will wait

And teach us to be wise.”

By Matthew Ballard

This is one of my favorite poems on mothers love and how precious it is…

Her love is a divine protection to those on this earth, it is sweetest of all.

And her tough love at times is only to make us stronger.

She never leaves our side even in the toughest of times, her sacrifices are uncountable.

She believes in us like no other and may discourage us sometimes only out of her protective instinct which is a gift to us and may be a pain to her when she is misunderstood.

What to say about a mothers love, it can only be experienced, even Gods in heaven are born as a child to be held by a mother and be loved liked no other.

A mother’s love can be the kindest, mightiest, truest, and unconditional of all other.

Savour her love in this life, there’s no other boon to us that’s comparable to it.

All creatures know the love of their mother, only some unfortunate couldn’t experience due to certain circumstances.

I dedicate this post to all the loving and lovable mothers out here there

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, please let me know through your comments if this post has reminded you of your mother’s love and how you cherish it โ‡๏ธ

34 thoughts on “A mother’s tender love ~a divine gift ๐ŸŽ€

    1. Yes Yaasotaa, it’s the most precious gift of all, I saw your reciprocation of that love in your posts to your parents that’s a great gift to them too, stay blessed dear.

  1. So beautiful poem about mother Prashanti โœจโค๏ธโค๏ธ
    This is really brilliant โค๏ธ

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