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Hello all,

From this Saturday onwards I’m starting a new series of posts on inspirational and wise words, I’m going to share words of wisdom.

Many words of wisdom have been shared to us over generations as sayings, proverbs and quotes to teach us how to handle life and people, and on how to live harmoniously in this society.

Happy reading @words of wisdom

* On an unknown path every foot is slow

* Nothing is as powerful as the moment a person learns something on his own

* History judges all things in time

*Half the world does not know how the other half lives

* Beauty is everywhere, take a good look

* Action generates inspiration

* Goodness comes from within

* Do not complain of the boat that carries you safely

* Those who have not tasted the bitternest of life’s bitters cannot appreciate the sweetest of life’s sweets

* Goodness comes from within

* something is kept when you give

* When you open a door, you don’t know how many rooms lie beyond

* The limited are the only ones that see limitations

* Before you move others you must be moved

* Worrying wastes a lot of time

* Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly

* Visualize good things happening to you

Hope y’all enjoyed reading, please let me know your views on those words and if you have read them or listened to them before ❇️❇️❇️

16 thoughts on “Inspirational words of wisdom #wise words# quotes#proverbs#sayings Saturday post -1☀️

  1. Hi, Nice initiative. Had thought of such activity myself though still ‘thinking’! Suggest, add a few lines explaining a bit about the quote, nothing elaborate. This would add value to your blog! I suppose we have N sites with ‘quotes’ !

    1. Thank you sir for your visit and valueble suggestions, I will surely do that from next time. Wish you wud go further and take that step of writing your wise thought here. It would help many.

      1. “My wise thoughts”?? Sorry, I could not put it properly! I wished to share the wisdom of centuries by the great people only. I am too far from that level, but really loved to read it! Thanks and nice to know you liked my suggestion. Stay blessed.

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