Is money making you happy and giving you good memories that last? 💰(Guest post by Ramakrishna )

Money and happiness

Money, money,, it’s a powerful word that we know of, which can dictate anyone’s life’s direction. For some money is a luxurious and heavenly word and for some it seems like a sinister and forbidden word.

Money in short form for some people is :

M- Me, and money

O- Only

N- Nothing

E- Else

Y – You needed

They live most of their lives being busy in earning money by forgetting the real value of people that are around them. They don’t know that money cannot buy moments that they have missed, opportunities that passed by for caring and sharing their love with others, where they would have enjoyed spending some time following their true passions, instead of running around in busyness of money gathering. It becomes too late when they realize money cannot buy happiness always.

Money is used by some people for :

M – Memories

O- Only

N – Nothing

E – Else

Y – you need

They earn money to use it to their benefit as well as for others too, they therefore create good memories by making good use of it. They don’t loose their precious time by spending it completely on making money and forgetting everything else life offers. They make some money, share some, spend enough, save enough for their needs, which in turn makes their life full of good memories. They earn well wishers, friends and a good family who will support them. We learn at the end of our life that only happy memories are treasured and cherished.

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