Saturday’s words of wisdom. Post-3


Hello all, a lovely Sunday morning here for us, and it must be Saturday night in some other countries, Let’s browse through these words of wisdom.

Words of wisdom 🌟🌟🌟@happiness inn

* Live life with compassion and understanding

A life lived with more compassion, understanding and acceptance gives a true satisfaction and joy.

*Every man is the guardian of his own honor

*Great books are lived not read

Those who lived in a stroy of great book know this and how we travel with the characters of that book, this is a wonderful experience I myself lived through many times, that’s how I got addicted to reading.

*Learn a lesson every time you loose

There’s a lesson to be learned every time you loose, it’s an opportunity in disguise, don’t forget the lesson or else we might make the same mistakes again.

*To be content, look to those who possess less, not those who possess more

*Heal yourself

Only you have the power to heal yourself, everyone else can only support you. Power and healing energy is always inside you, when you recognize it heals you.

*Love is a constant growing experience

Love grows in a constant flow of expression and actions, a person who experiences it constantly is in a bliss full and grateful state.

*Being totally alone, at times, can be healthy

Be alone at times to reflect your self on your thoughts and actions and to spend quality time with your self is most essential part for your own well being.

*We learn from life

As we live we learn, or by observing or reading or listening also we learn about life

*Joy shared is doubled

Let’s share our joys here, no doubt they will be double and multipled on. We are lucky to be in a positive, uplifting community here, let’s celebrate these moments.

Please don’t forget to comment, let me know your views on the writing.

You all have a great week ahead.

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