My art my hobby – 2 🎨

Doing pencil sketches and painting is my hobby, though I’m not doing them regularly now, I’m planning to start again soon. Many of you have liked my art works and encouraged me do more. I’m thank full to you all. My interest has been rekindled due to the positive feedback.

Many of you wanted to see more of my works so, I will keep posting them regularly.

Dance pose, pencil sketch

Two cranes in the water, pencil sketch

Exterior of a home in a narrow ally, a monochrome color pencil sketch

Portrait sketch of the great Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore

Color pencil drawing of shells on the beach

Drawing of an old tree in the forest with ferns around

A leisurely drawn simple vase and flowers, (color pencils )

There are many more drawings and paintings I would love to share with you all in future posts, and my new post is also about hobbies, interests and there benefits.

Please do follow me on other social media accounts too, where my page is active and I post regularly.

Thank you again πŸ™

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61 thoughts on “My art my hobby – 2 🎨

  1. Your sketches are really wonderful
    This post draws another virtuous personality you possess within you
    I’ll be waiting for more sketches along with your regular subjects and also a new hidden treasure from my sister’s heart 😊
    Kindly share the links of your social media network so that we can follow and connect with you

    1. Thanks a lot 😊 your words are so encouraging and motivating to me, will surely post my paintings soon, links to other social media pages are on my main blog home page wit h follow icons and below the page too, plz check them, I will be very happy to connect with you all on my other pages too. For u I’m sharing some links below

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