Saturdays inspirational words of wisdom @happinessinn – Post 4

Hello all, I had a good week, hope you all did too. Finished many pending works. I also harvested some vegetables from my roof top garden. It feels great to cook my home grown veggies and eat. Coming to today’s post inspirational words of wisdom…, these words are collected over the years,, I live by many of these.

Words of wisdom #happinessinn

🌟Laugh with, but never laugh at others

Most of us know this, it’s not good to laugh at others, and belittle them, it can show our weakness, and cruelity. On the other hand our joy and happiness increases as we laugh together with others, by lifting up their spirits too.

🌟Its is better to be good than be lucky

🌟True knowledge comes from experience

Experience speaks for it self. Everyone can recognize a knowledgeable person with an experience. Knowledge gained with experience is a true treasure.

🌟Never forget kindness

Kindness should be spread around as received and never to be forgotten

🌟A good bargain is no bargain if you do not need the thing

If you buy unnescessary items on bargain or at cheap price when you have use for it, they are a total waste of money, time shopping and will become a clutter later.

🌟Pamper yourself now and then

It’s important to pamper yourself often, as it relaxes, rejuvenates and renews your energy and thought process, as well as rescues you from stress mode.

🌟Politeness costs nothing, but gains everything

🌟Opinions have the right to be changed

People’s opinions can change easily with time and circumstances, so better not depend on them. As we have a right to hold our opinions or change them too.

🌟Every path has a puddle

Hope you enjoyed reading, please comment below to give your suggestions .. and spread your wisdom.

Thank you all for reading.

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