The benefits of having good hobbies and following your true passion. #hobbies #passion

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The benefits of having good hobbies and interests are many to mention. Following your true passion in life is a virtue.

Hobbies, passion, interests these words are strikingly good to listen, talk, and discuss. The word interests it self creates a form enthusiastic energy to do, and create some thing new.

Physical and mental health benefits for having a hobby

This interest in doing or creating something creatively then becomes a hobby. These hobbies put us in a flow- like state which relaxes the mind. Some hobbies need physical involvement. So, being physically involved in an interest, becomes a good exercise to the body. Physical, and mental health benefits are a boosters and bonus for having a hobby.

Passion is a strong word in real world

Why? Each and every person search for there true passion in life because it is the key to long lasting happiness. Passion is a love for something or someone or an act of doing something with there full consent, where their heart, mind, and soul are completely involved as one in achieving or doing it.

These words remind me of some my thoughts about the creator (God). I used to think, how passionately he would have created this planet, there are the all materials, resources, abilities, talents, creativity here, we only have to tap into them and use to create great things happen.

Benefits of having hobbies and interests 🎠

Having good hobbies had helped me a lot in life, they gave me relief in stressful times, all I needed then was space and time to focus to get clarity, now I can say that, in a way hobbies had driven me in the right direction and they were my saviors. Reading good books on the importance of positive thinking, acceptance, and spirituality has completely changed my outlook. Other hobbies interests had helped me for diverting mind and making peaceful.

My hobbies and interests are drawing, painting, gardening, reading books, cooking, decorating…now blogging. I have a pleasurable time doing all these things in turn they give me a great satisfaction and real happiness.

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Benefits of having hobbies for youngsters

Similarly for children they start first as interests to them, where they find it interesting to watch someone do it beautifully or creatively, they see how they are enjoying doing it. Slowly they will try that, and they recognizing their interests and passions. That is why it is important to let children explore, and experiment on their creativity and talents.

These hobbies and interests will give them many opportunities in the future. As they grow practicing them their focusing ability and concentration on the task at hand will be improving as well as patience and confidence will grow. We see many productive people are very focused on their goals, enjoy the process as it becomes their passion.

Benefits of having good hobbies and interests for womenπŸ‘Έ

Having good hobbies and interests are great for stay at home women, when they enroll themselves in classes to learn something new, they get a chance to meet other like minded woman, with whom they can socialize, as they enjoy same interests, they all can discuss on becoming a team, to work and start a business together and grow there on.

The benefits of having good hobbies and interest and following your true passion.

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How pursuing hobbies in old age can help

Their learned habits, routines, hobbies and interests do grow along with them as they age, they become their best time pass, and saviors to overcome loneliness that becomes a problem in old age. Instead of focusing on their loneliness and inability they can overcome it by engaging in their favorite hobbies. They can make it a community activity so that they can meet others.

For men who work hard all week long, hobbies can be the healthier way to relieve their physical as well as mental stress. Hobbies divert their mind and sharpen their focus by improving creativity and opening mind to new possibilities as it is clearer .

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I would love to hear about your healthier hobbies, your interests in life, and passions and they help you.

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16 thoughts on “The benefits of having good hobbies and following your true passion. #hobbies #passion

  1. A hobby is a friend you can always turn to but doesn’t turn away from you if you neglect them for a bit. They offer much to people of all ages.

    I love your illustrations. They are very professional!

  2. Hobbies are very important. When we are young, we are busy with so many chores and responsibilities, but in those days when kids are settled in and our youth energy start slipping, these hobbies are our best companion and we find a reason to live every day!

    1. Yes so true indeed, our lives had been gone by fulfilling many responsibilities, as we age we shud pursue our interests and hobbies, they will help us to live rest of life for ourselves. Thank you for sharing your views Deeksha πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  3. I love this! Honestly if it wasn’t for hobbies that I have, my mind would have taken me to a really bad place so I can’t empathise the importance of what you are saying more x

  4. I love writing and reading. I find that it creates balance in my life and makes me feel good. It’s so important to have hobbies πŸ’ž

      1. I agree. I’ve been writing for a month now and it’s been great. The number of followers on my page is growing steadily. I started this back in early 2015 but I wasn’t getting much feedback, lost patience and left the page dormant since then. I had recently got back into writing a month ago and things started to slowly grow.

  5. I enjoy writing and blogging of course. But I also love riding my motorcycle, playing golf, travel, good movies, and great food, to name but a few. Thanks for a great post and reminder to chase our joys!

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