Saturdays words of wisdom, quotes about life lessons – Post 4

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Saturdays quotes and words of wisdom from Happiness inn , these quotes are about life lessons.

Words of wisdom

Quotes on life lessons

Today’s chosen words of wisdom for inspiration is about life’s lessons. I randomly covered many quotes on attitude. Today felt like choosing life’s lessons as main interest.
Quotes about life

🌟It takes work to grow old gracefully

Many people just grow old travelling with time, they spend their life’s with no particular goals in mind. They end their life’s with regret. If people can plan well, do the work and live a life in order, they can humbly grow old.

🌟welcome the possibilities

We all have great potential and to that if we add positive thinking, and enthusiasm our possibilities are endless in life.

🌟A good life is long enough

A life that is lived happily for a shorter span with great satisfaction, meaningfulness and gratitude is more than enough, than a long and meaningless life with suffering and negativity.

🌟Feeling beautiful is more important than being beautiful

There’s no guarantee that all beautiful looking people are happy, feeling beautiful from inside is more important and it is possible only with inner work.

🌟No matter what you accomplish or how far you go in life, you are still you

🌟Take criticism and praise with equal grace

This is the most important lesson to be learned in life, those who learned this lead a balanced life.

🌟As you think so you become

Your thinking influences who you become. If you are filled with more negative thoughts and hatred you know what it will result in. If you are mostly optimistic and think accordingly, you are a winner.

🌟Leisure is not enjoyed unless it is earned

🌟The best kind of peace is peace of mind

🌟A journey begins with a single step, and a road map

Even a journey of thousands miles starts with a single step, but without a proper road map and preparation we can get lost, it’s the same in life too.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post on quotes about life lessons , please do comment below, if you liked any of the of lines in particular 🌟

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