My dear why do you worry πŸ’™ The best gift is you πŸ’™

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My dear why do you worry πŸ’™

Please realize that, the best gift is you

You spent all your life spreading the love and joy you contained inside

My dear they didn’t love you back as you did, so do you worry ?

Your love and kindness is a gift they didn’t receive so well, is that so..

The kindness and love you shared reached far and for long like a frangrance from a selfless flower

Worry not for the lost past or the unsettling memories, they are long gone

You have to worry, my dear, if you are not taking better care of yourself

Now is the time to be merry, not to worry

You are responsible for your future now, not they or them

Remember dear, you were your best companion in this long journey

My dear, do not worry. Stay strong you gotta go long πŸ™

Hope you all enjoyed reading. I tried something new today, wrote my words in a different form, cant say this is a poem, because I read many poems,written by talented poets here. They write the best poems I ever read, each one of them are great. Thank you all for reading 😊

Please do comment below if you have any suggestions or on any lines to be added to the above post .

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