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Today’s random thoughts about age and rage and how they are related.

“As we age, the rage in us subsidies. So, we start seeing incidents from a new perspective and with a more matured understanding.”

This is due to the positive and negative experiences and challenges we face during the growing years.

Some teach us lessons and some change us completely.

The rage we face at a younger age is due to the lack of experience, knowledge, bad influences, and lack of understanding. It is mostly due to hormonal changes.

As we know, teenagers are more prone to this rage and confusion.

Their mind is cluttered with unwanted racing thoughts, this is because of the highs and lows they face in their daily lives. Their newfound freedom starts at this age with no experience so, they tend to make many mistakes. Their troubles put them into rage full situations.

It’s not only teenagers that face raging situations, but adults also face tough situations, however, by then most of us have learned how to foresee and handle such rage full situations.

The more challenges we face the more we learn. So, let’s teach our children to face them bravely and patiently. Please share your experiences and knowledge with them.

The only solution to control rage in anybody is by listening to them calmly and agreeing with them till they cool down and making them realize that you love them unconditionally. They will surely learn faster on how to calm themselves in such rage full situations.

Hope you enjoyed reading, and if this post helped you in anyway or if there’s something more to be added please feel free to comment below.

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25 thoughts on “Age and rage full situations πŸ’œ #quotes #random thoughts #teens

      1. Great the change you would be ,
        Knowing the truth is to set you free,
        Move with the flow of life and see thatΒ  the ebb and flow of sea ,
        Was always there and will always be ,
        God give you strength being like a key ,
        Divine consciousness is in you and me ,
        Change is an eternal river of thee,
        To a new social contract we agree ,
        Always inspire us to find liberty , …
        My friend to remember eternally ,
        Each seed you plant becomes a tree ,
        As the French say mon amie ,
        Trinity is in all including you and me ,
        Evolution and revolution is there ,
        To continue and forever be ,

  1. No matter what you do or proceed , you are in a journey of self-discovery in your microcosmic and macrocosmic universe …
    Faith , ascending awareness and imagination preceed creation and inspiration…
    Β Β  Yes , You co-create with God …
    As said that the kingdom of God is within you…
    Β  As said , Energy flows where attention goes…
    Β Β Β  Focus peacefully and gracefully on love , tranquility and let go of the things that do not serveΒ  to ascend and transcend …
    Β Β 

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