You have a choice☀️You have the power to choose🌟

You have the power to choose.

You have the power to choose wisely

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The power of choice is unlimited and everyone has it. We should be grateful that, we have such a power. We should try to use it for our well-being as well as some, for others.

What can you choose and how to make the best use of the power of choice?

Choose positive thoughts over negative ones.

Choose higher verses lower thoughts.

Choose uplifting and forgiving over disappointing and regreting thoughts.

Choose pure and loving thoughts over hatefull and selfish motives.

Choose to be clear in the head and heart to enhance the quality of your life.

Choose to remake your life by making decisions accordingly to reflect that.

Choose your responsibilities wisely as well as fight for your equal rights and place.

Choose to try new things and going on adventures that make you feel more alive.

Choose to mind your business always, than becoming overly enthusiastic about others lives.

Choose to raise your helping hand to help others when needed, it’s a divine power.

Choose to saying “no” when needed and stop pleasing everyone. This is the most powerful habbit.

Realizing your power in choosing whats right and good is tremendously important in living a satisfying life.

May the power of your choice lead the way to a better and best life.

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9 thoughts on “You have a choice☀️You have the power to choose🌟

  1. Through both joy and pain ,
    Youcan choose to transcend , grow and gain,
    Angels with you  remain ,
    Nothing you give goes in vain,
    Your blessings and miracles start to rain ,
    Your love and spirit , they all contain ,
    You move with the flow of life
    Again , again and again…

  2. Yes , by you being you , you add val-ue …
    That is true …
    The ship heading forward joyfully with the crew , …
    The dreams are now here with nothing to pursue , ( you already have them energetically ) …

    Faith is so strong and
    the ocean is blue …
    Expanding together, awareness grew ,
    Yes , Eckhart Tolle , we have got a new earth too ,
    To a new conscious level  , our minds flew ,
    Jumping higher in degrees like a Kangaroo, …
    Question starts with a Q,
    Answers are here to view ,
    In your awareness to review ,
    Enlightened members are not only a few ,
    But growing in numbers for real and the timing is  ready and due ,

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