Happiness in artwork🌷Post -4 🌷 #art #paintings

Hello all, another new post about happiness in artwork.

Before we go further let’s do this, take a deep breath in and then breathe out slowly. Do this several times. We have to remind our ourselves to consciously do deep breathing every now then, to revive the natural flow of energy and become stress free. Happiness is also in proper breathing.

Today I felt like sharing some more of my art works here, as they give me a break from the flow words and writing and for you all something new to look at 🙂

My artworks

Ganesha painting on Google
Oil painting of Lord Ganesha


Artworks on Google
Oil painting of hanging pears


Arts on Google
My first watercolor painting


Artworks on Google
Watercolor painting of a vase and flowers


Arts on Google
Oil painting of a flower


🌷Hope you enjoyed my art works. Please do comment below, will be posting others works too sometime later.

18 thoughts on “Happiness in artwork🌷Post -4 🌷 #art #paintings

    1. Wow ! I’m so happy that you liked my watercolor painting, that’s was a special one to me also, its my first watercolor art. Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy looking at it on your wall 🙏😊

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