Traits of a leader, and how to recognize one.🗽 #leadership #traitsofaleader

A leader has the most valuable personality traits. Some leaders had influenced people in a wrong way too. They are easily recognized among many. A leader is a person who’s ready to lead the people and influence all, by becoming a good role model to follow.

On the other hand there are bad leaders too, who influence others selfishly for wrong reasons and lead people on wrong paths.

Bad leaders are,,

  • Indecisive
  • Fearful of change
  • Communicate effectively but with selfish motives
  • Bad leaders are not open to others ideas or new innovations
  • Lacking empathy
  • Bad leaders are inconsistent in their actions and lack integrity
  • Bad leaders blame others rather than accept responsibility themselves
  • Too bossy towards those who follow them

These are the traits of a strong and good leader, who can lead the path for many.

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Traits of a leader

1. Loyalty

They are loyal to all those who trust them and follow them. Their loyalty is in their core.

2. Empathy

Theirs no great leader without enough empathy for his fellow human beings.  A good leader feels responsible for those who follow too , so they make sure all are taken care.

3. Energy and encouragement

A good leaders energy is infectious and attracts everyone to follow. They encourage people around them to do their best and be the best.

4. Respect

A person who leads earns the respect of the people first. They equally respect all people. Leaders are self motivated, in spite of set backs they stay motivated.

5. Selflessness

A leader is a selfless person who is ready to do anything for a cause they fight for.

6. Humble and honorable

A leader is a humble person with no arrogance hence they become honorable in society. Their honor is well guarded by them.

7. Integrity and innovation

A leader follows what they preach, even when nobody is watching them. They stand on their words, their actions always reflect their integrity. Leaders are confident  in themselves and are good decision makers.

They are a step ahead in thinking differently and encouraging innovative thinking.

8. Passion for and pride in work

Passion is the number one reason for their leadership. The stronger their belief the stronger they lead people for that cause. Leaders are great motivators. They  inspire and energize those who follow them.

We know how passionate a leader is in their work and they make their followers equally passionate in what they believe. They take pride in their hard work and progress.

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10 thoughts on “Traits of a leader, and how to recognize one.🗽 #leadership #traitsofaleader

  1. Thank you very much for this great post! I really enjoyed reading it! I have recently published an article on my blog about global leadership and it’s impact on us all. If you have time, it would be great if you could read it as I would be interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks 🙂

  2. This is very accurate! Being a leader is being ready to motivate, work with, and grow your personnel with no credit back unless recognition comes from those who see it, not because you request it. Influence is a powerful tool and should be used appropriately! Good post, sorry so much time has passed I am still getting to know wordpress!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I’m glad you liked the post. Yes, as you mentioned the role of a leader is a very powerful one and it should be used for the good.

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