Simple and essential reminders in life. Be the change, to see your life transform positively.

Simple yet essential daily reminder’s

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Greetings like saying, Hello! Asking “how are you today”, “how’s your day” etc, when we meet people are simple but, essential and basic pleasantries you exchange in your daily life. The importance of this positive action brings enormous joy of caring about others. when people reciprocate the same we feel happy, isn’t it?

These are simple and small reminders but create a positive transformation in yours as well as others day.

Small and simple activities, you can do to improve the quality of your life daily.

As you wake up, don’t hurry to run straight into a hectic daily routine. Wake up early with an intention on relaxing a little. Feel grateful to God for a new day, and all your blessings. This simple act of showing gratitude in your prayers creates a lot of fulfilment and joy in you. Prayer at any time of the day gives you all the positive energy you need.

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The many benefits of exercising with your family members

When you exercise with your family, it becomes an enjoyable family therapy. Walking in the morning or evening with your family will give immense pleasure.

I profoundly remember going for walks in early winter mornings with my parents and our dogs. It was such a happy time. Those moments are treasured in my heart. Looking back in time now I realize that those small and simple activities were blessings.

Caring enough to share enough to others

By God’s grace, most of us have enough to live a happy life. There are many people who are struggling to live a day to day life. They need our help in any form. When we care to share whatever we can whole heartedly, it benefits us and them too. This simple act of sharing is the most valuable of all it enhances the quality of your life first.

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Creating memories with family and friends

Create memories everyday to carry them in our heart, so that, we can savor them on as we age.

One of them is cooking and feeding our loved ones with our hands, isn’t it a lovely experience. The food we cook with love carries an energy of bonding. That’s why those parents who cook themselves and those who eat together at a family table with their children cheerfully, create a loving and caring environment. Kids grown in such caring homes feel secured and responsible for others in the family.

Engaging, and listening attentively in conversations with friends and family is a healthy habit. This is another simple reminder to build a better relationship.

Another simple and valuable reminder is always to remember important date’s related to your family members and friends. Some of them are of birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations etc. Don’t forget to treasure those gifts you received with love.

You see the shortness of life spans these days in some cases. Some are inevitable deaths due to various reasons. All you can do is be conscious of this fact but do not fear death.

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Death can also be seen as a transforming journey of your soul from one being to another. Remind yourself to live your life with more love and understanding. Value every day you live as the most precious one.

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It’s easy to forget own mistakes and highlight others shortcomings. Mistakes can be done by anybody. Put yourself in their shoes and choose to be compassionate while judging others.

Remember that your parents need your love, and company more than ever as they age. They become dependable.

Though all these are simple and essential reminders, it is also important for you to take care of yourself. Self-love is essential for overall well being.

This is a reminder to you all with love, keep smiling, be happy, be content. Keep transforming positively for a better you.

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  1. Such a lovely post Prashanti!
    I remember going for evening walk with my parents.Doing yoga and swimming with friends and having little bit of chit chat with them in the evening was so refreshing.

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