A Barbie Girl, In a Plastic World…. By Preeti Alluri.

–10 Years Ago—

Look outside, what do you see?

Flowers blossoming from the tree.

Neighbours greeting us with smile,

The one we could see from a mile.

Kids playing in the garden,

Birds singing on the trees,

Everyone enjoying the fresh breeze.

Skipping through the streets,

Never afraid to take another leap.

Standing as one,we lived in harmony.

Oh the joy,Oh the joy,

We all had was priceless.

I was a barbie girl, in a fantastic world!


Look out side,what do you see?

Dried leaves on my favourite tree.

People whose hearts are stone,

And eyes are cold.

All you feel and see are lies.

Feeling people’s envy from another country.

Faking concerns,passing judgements,

Walking in wrong paths,

To destroy others.

Scared to take a step forward,

As the streets are filled with hatred.

The walls are high,

So high, hard to climb.

Oh the pain,Oh the pain,

We all are going through.

All I am now is

A barbie girl,in a plastic world.

The change in the society,over the years is tremendous and horrific at the same time. There are perks but with as many downfalls. The world which was once filled with love,is now filled with fakeness and hatred. People judging you without even thinking twice and daunting you at nights.

Why has the world become like this?

Is it because of the walls we built so high around us or is it because our advancements we are taking pride for?

Equality, Love and Humanity, nothing but words in the dictionary. No one is to blame as we are a part of everything that’s happening.

Ask yourself this question,

Are you one of them?

Be the change rather than waiting for it. 

This post is written by my daughter in 2016. This was her observation about the world and people around her at that time.

Thank you for reading. Please do comment below to share your view.

10 thoughts on “A Barbie Girl, In a Plastic World…. By Preeti Alluri.

  1. You have made some very real statements that reflect the state of the world in many places and most of the time. Things have changed, dramatically, you are right, but there is still many good things to see, many good people to meet and many wonderful trees that give fruit, flowers and that lighten your heart and lessen the burden of the days…it is incumbent upon us to focus on the positive and on the things that are and bring beauty. I will conclude by quoting a very famous quote, and although it is simple minded, it says it all and it is one of my favourites: “All You Need is Love, Love is All You Need!” Greetings from Spain, and Cheers!

    1. Thank you the wonderful comment. I agree with you. Yes, there are many positive things around us. That’s what I tell my daughter but at her younger age she was confused by some people’s behavior. I taught her to see the positive side of everything. Thank you for sharing this lovely quote. Cheers!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. This is a powerful and well written piece. I hope it inspires others to action or at least a greater sense of awareness about the world we are creating! Well done!

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