🤹‍♂50 best ways to improve your creativity quickly and effectively ✍️#creativityquotes #self-improvement

🦚 Most of you know the value of creativity and inventions and how they change the world. The benefits of being creative are innumerable. Can say your creativity is your hallmark. Your direction in your life and profession depends on your creativeness.

How to improve your creativity quickly, easy to follow steps.

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You can improve your creativity quickly by following the ways that I mentioned below. They are time tested and easy.

Functionality, originality, creators passion and innovativeness is important in creating anything new. Mostly it’s all about newness and a person’s vision.

Some of the well known creative genii of our time are William Shakespeare, Mozart, Charles Darwin, Van Gogh, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci…

Meaning of creativity : ✍️

Creativity is using your own imagination and original ideas to create something new or inventiveness.

👩‍🍳Creativity is to used to create something new out of an old thing or an idea too. People make professions, join the business or get hired depending on their creative skills. It’s a powerful tool of mind that has to be used wisely for good.

Creative people are usually intelligent, have great imagination and are open-minded. Some of the creative genii of our time are

Types of creativity : 👩‍🏫

There are four types, and it depends on creativity driven by your heart or head.

1. Deliberate and cognitive creativity.

Example – Thomas Edison

2. Deliberate and emotional creativity.

Example – Therapeutic A-Ha moments

3. Spontaneous and cognitive creativity.

Ex- Issac Newton

4. Spontaneous and emotional creativity.

Example – Artist and Musicians

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50 ways to improve your creativity easily :🏄‍♂

1. Create a list of your creative skills.

It’s important to make a list of what your skills are, so that, it reminds and encourages you to improve in that particular skill. An introspection regularly is the most important skill to transform.

2. Let go of the fear of thinking differently.

As you let go of the fear of thinking differently you start thinking creatively.

3. Be curious to learn new things.

4. Question yourself and ask doubts to improve.

Learning to question and finding answers by yourself is very important to grow your creativity.

5. Switch off distractions.

Those who are highly creative are very disciplined and focused on their goal. If required they secluded themselves and switch off all distractions.

6. Meditation helps in clearing your mind and allows ideas to flow freely which is a must for creative thinking.

7. Be imaginative, what you picture in your mind you can create it in reality.

8. Stick to practising consistently.

9. Watch or follow those who are good at their skills. You can learn a lot from them. Think about how you can do the same differently.

10. Listen to motivational speeches when you need motivation to speed up your work.

11. Listening to your favourite music while working boosts your creativity.

12. Take naps between work, it energizes you, sluggishness kills creativity.

13. Best way to do anything is loving what you and enjoying it till the end.

14. Make deadlines and finish projects on time, so that you don’t procrastinate and discourage yourself.

15. Challenge yourself. Without challenges and tests, you cannot grow your skill.

16. Socialize with people to discuss and share knowledge to get better.

17. Note down your observations whenever you can, this helps you a lot in building something new or learning.

18. Play games and solve puzzles this activity helps in improving physical and mental health. Both are important for children and adults.

19. Collaborate with other like-minded people. As a team, your collective creativity can take you to new heights.

20. Learn new trends as they change to upgrade your skills and thinking.

21. Never underestimate your competitors or newcomers. you get opportunities to learn from them.

22. If you’re an artist, watch movies and drama’s in theatre regularly.

23. Travel to new places regularly, change of environment and scenery is needed to think innovatively. Meeting people of different cultures backgrounds gives you a new a perspective.

24. Reading books helps your overall thinking and influences, inspires and improves your knowledge. Knowledge is the building block in your life.

25. Maintain a planner to plan your projects and note their progress. You analyze your work easily.

26. Visit exhibition and local events regularly.

27. Keep experimenting for new possibilities and outcomes. Some of the great works are created by accidents.

28. Take some risks, there’s no new invention or new creative skill without taking a risk. It all depends on your passion.

29. Intentionally break your routine’s, to explore a new way of doing things.

30. Get more done in less time by getting better.

31. Declutter your workspace. Decorate and organize it to suit your needs and motivate you. Having a bulletin board is essential.

32. Artists need to visit museums and galleries.

33. Keep an inspiration board where you can see every day.

34. Join groups with similar interests on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

35. To further improve your creativity do more research on your skill or subject, on all details then start applying your thoughts to change or create.

36. Spend some time alone, do activities you like. Like gardening, reading, watching movies and playing. These activities give you space and change routine.

37. Get feedback from your peers and family.

38. Try working at new places and people to refresh your thoughts.

39. Keep your work interesting by changing patterns or creating new methods in doing it.

40. Do daily affirmations to condition your mind positively. You can affirm saying ” I’m creative and talented ” …

41. Teach what your good at to other people or children this helps you unturned to improve own skill.

42. Never compare yourself to others, your skills and situations are different.

43. There’s no age limit for being creative. So, don’t let your age stop you.

44. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not successful in the first few attempts. If you want to be creative be passionate. You will never give up or put yourself down.

45. The benefit of being creative is you enjoy the state of flow that you experience when you start creating. This flow state of mind gives you great joy and gives you fulfilment in life.

46. Your creativity can take you places.

47. Follow your heart when it comes to choosing your profession or hobby. It shows where your creativity is in and makes best out of your talent.

48. Patience and time is the key to creating anything.

49. Creativity is a powerful gift that needs to be handled responsibly. It can be used to create as well as destroy. Always use it for the greater good.

50. Believe in yourself, your skills and talents that the last but not the least step in following.

The 5 best quotes on creativity : 🤹‍♂

1. Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

2. The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

Dieter F Uchtdorf

3. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

Maya Angelou

4. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scout Adams

5. There’s no innovation or creativity without failure.

Brene Brown

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Have a wonderful week ahead.


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