Silence is golden #quote #omshantiom🌸

A new quote about silence and accepting reality for what it is, for letting it go and moving on with your life. 💜

The power of silence by Prashanti Nilayum

“Om Shanthi Om” this is a mantra to be affirmed to create peace around you and within you. Shanthi means peace or calm.

This mantra is used a lot at a well known place “Prashanti Nilayum”, an ashram in India. 💜

Recite this mantra when you are anxious, this instantly calms you down and creates a peaceful feeling within.

Hope you enjoyed reading, please do comment below to share your thoughts.

Om Shanthi Om 💙 for peace and love.

27 thoughts on “Silence is golden #quote #omshantiom🌸

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  2. How is the th in Shanthi pronounced? Hard like a t or d? Or is it soft as in American English?

    What does Om actually mean in Hindi(?).


    1. “Thi” shanthi is pronounced as tee soft. There are many meanings for Om or aum. You can google for clear understanding. It’s a powerful starting syllable used to create a positive vibration in a mantra, to unify mind, body, and soul with the universe.

  3. Great post ! I love this mantra and recite it often. It’s so calming!
    I’m Scottish and have neves r been in India, but I like the teachings of Dr Pillai, who teaches phonemic intelligence on YouTube.

    Shanti om

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