🌸How to create self-respect in 7 steps 🌿 #self-respect #self-worth

✨ Self-respect is a commonly used word by all these day’s but only a few know the value of having it and are developing it for themselves, to live a good and balanced life.

How to develop self respect for yourself

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God created us all in different places and different growing environments. For some life is easy, for some, it is harsh growing up. In such cases where a person’s self-worth is under attack or challenged it is difficult for them to have self-respect for themselves or give respect to others.

For those children who are pampered beyond limits don’t know anything about themselves or their life’s purpose. Bars and expectations are high so, when they grow up it might lead to a feeling of unworthiness.

It is also a misunderstood concept where some people raise walls against others and give their ego a boost in the name of self-respect.

What’s self-respect?

Self-respect is being respectful, responsible, loving, caring, accepting, valuing and forgiving your own self first. You have good consciousness about what you think say and do.

You feel I’m enough, I can do this, I love myself, I choose what’s good and right, I’m confident, I know myself and value my life.💗

Learning that you can wisely and wishfully keep changing for better, so that, you can take good care of yourself, this is respecting your life and yourself.

When you respect yourself you stand up for yourself, you set needed boundaries, control and limit actions when required.

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What's self worth

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Steps for developing healthy self-respect. 🌟

Your concept of self-respect mustn’t make others feel like it’s your ego, selfishness and arrogance etc. There’s a fine line between all these. It’s about knowing your own self-worth and value and not needing to prove it to anybody else but you.

🌱Step 1 :

It’s learning about yourself, your own strengths and weaknesses and morals to change if needed or strengthen what’s beneficial. Theirs a sense of relief when you know and accept yourself, this is a stepping stone for developing self-respect.

🌱Step 2 :

Respecting your own beliefs and values and at the same time respecting others views and learning from them, is also important in self-development.

🌱Step 3 :

You can earn your own self-respect by standing up for yourself and for what’s right. You know what you stand for, what’s right and to do good work. You earn the respect of all and yours too.

When you think clearly and choose wisely you feel a sense of maturity which builds confidence in yourself that leads to self-respect.

🌱Step 4 :

What you see and admire in others, like there hard work, commitment, trustworthiness, humbleness, leadership etc… when you identify those in you or develop those qualities in you, you will surely create self-respect.

🌱Step 5 :

It’s when you know your self worth and skills, you put your words into actions, create a self-identity and never bring down others for your own growth, instead, your self-respect will develop a good attitude, acceptance, understanding of others.

🌱Step 6 :

People who respect themselves never take their life for granted. You should respect your time and resources.

You have to plan your actions, motivate yourself, achieve your goals, have fun, enjoy what you do, your passion is evident in everything you do.

🌱Step 7 :

Last but not at all the least is, you know when and how to say “no” or protect your dignity when someone crosses their boundary or attack you.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post, please do share your views in the comments section.

Be wonderful 🤸‍♀

26 thoughts on “🌸How to create self-respect in 7 steps 🌿 #self-respect #self-worth

  1. Hi Prashanti! This was so thought evoking and beautiful! We definitely need strong, knowledgeable, and thoughtful leaders/influencers like you😊 I love your work and how thought evoking it is. You’ve tackled big ideas and concepts with writing! I was wondering if you could check out my new piece on the road to self-discovery and growth! I would really appreciate it if you could comment some feedback to improve the writing style. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Kiran


  2. Wisdom.

    I grew up poor (by American standards) but ‘made it’ as an adult. It is sometimes hard to find firm footing and develop self-respect/ esteem after having been a pariah.

    Finally, I love the ‘vibe’ here. Your blog has a super mellowness about it somehow.

  3. Good post. Those who do not respect themselves, often do not respect anything else. One other tidbit would be to not take yourself too seriously, all the time. Take time to smile and laugh (at yourself). Enjoy the week. Allan

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