The right way to question a person in distress. πŸ—

What’s the right way to question a person who’s facing problems or under some kind of stress and not willing to open up easily?

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The way you communicate and show concern plays a key role in any relationship. Human relationships are delicate hence require a lot of conscious effort and constant care and attention.


What to observe to help πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨

A loved one or a friend who’s in stress or depressed won’t be in the right mood and may act or behave differently. This will surely disturb others around them too.

It’s the time when you need to be in the right attitude to act in support and accept them. They may be revolting and angered easily. If you say what’s wrong with you and lose your patience, they may never open up to you or trust that you can help them.

How to question a person in distress?

Spend time with them, be nice and understanding.

1. When time is right to ask them, ask, what happened to you?

2. Are you alright?

3. Do you want to talk about it?

4. What’s the reason you seem off lately, is everything okay?

This kind of questioning shows that you are concerned about their well being and truly want to help them be better.


Many times the answer depends on how you question and why you ask it, so, let your questioning be the key for unlocking a person heart to solve or giving them your support.

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