Why some people intentionally hurt others? 🔴 #hurt #viral

🔎Questions for those who intentionally hurt others…

🔎What’s their motive?

🔎What have you gained and what have I lost?

🎭Have you won by making someone lose, or have you lost yourself in making others lose?

🔔You create what you carry inside you, whether its pain or happiness.

🔔Like a virus, the pain spreads from one hurt person to another till all wounded heal, it cannot be stopped until each one decides to stop.

🔔 You don’t gain anything from other pain, it can only make you a creator of a viral pain and negativity with no gain.

🔔You are the only one who can stop the pain by not spreading it any further because you’re hurt by someone, you are not entitled to carry or spread it.

🔔Be kind to yourself and never pass on the negativity. Healing and recovering is the only way you’re going to gain back your power.

🔔Though easy said than done, you can withstand by making a powerful choice, do not be affected by someones intentional wrongdoings towards you. Instead, you can learn to forgive, learn that’s it’s not your fault but it’s their negative behaviour.

When you analyze the logical reasons behind their behaviour and understand their reasons, you get over it very easily. It’s about them, who they became after going through some bad experience. You can only ignore, wish them peace, healing and you should move on with positive outlook.

Hope you relate with this post in some way. Please comment below to share your thoughts and experiences.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Why some people intentionally hurt others? 🔴 #hurt #viral

  1. pain becomes half when it is shared and happiness doubles when it is shared. It is the bond that matters …this bond is eternal…always reminded to us by nature…

  2. pain becomes half when it is shared and happiness doubles when it is shared. It is the bond that matters …this is bond is eternal…always reminded to us by nature….

  3. You are special and beautiful, thats the message we should be spreading, words of hate should be ignored, but words of love should be encouraged, thank you, and I love you ❤❤

  4. Great post and wonderful reminders to ponder on! If we are in relentless pain and deeply hurt by someone, the tendency is to let them suffer more than we do. However, this is not the right thing, we need to move on and help others who are in the same situation.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked the post. Yes, helping is important only when they accept the situation, n are open and allow us. If not we will put ourselves in negative situation again.

  5. Wonderful post dear! ❤
    Couldn’t agree more on this. These are things I always keep in mind when I meet someone negative. I believe that the amount of negativity in them shows the intensity of the pain they are suffering from (Because a happy person can never be negatively ) So it’s better to pray for them instead of taking their attacks on you personally 😊

    1. Thank you so much dear. Exactly, your right on the point. yes, they want to escape their pain and suffering, so, they spread it to others. A happy person will never do that, they want everyone around to be happy as them as you mentioned. Happy to hear from you 😊💕

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