Rest a little to realign yourself. #quoteoftheday

Hello, readers hope you are resting enough whenever your down on energy. Doing what you can do or resting is enough, on the days when your energy is low.

Resting or slowing down always helps you in realigning, rejuvenating, and energizing yourself.

Below is a wonderful quote written by Laura Ding Edwards.

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23 thoughts on “Rest a little to realign yourself. #quoteoftheday

  1. I really like the part of the quote that says “a rest is not defeat.” In our world where we sometimes rush to do too much (guilty as charged on several accounts) taking a rest really is important. Hope you’re doing well Ms. Alluri.

    1. Yes Patrick, taking it slow and resting when needed is really important. Nature is teaching us it’s importance now. Hope people’s perspective will change here on.
      Happy to hear from you.
      I’m good, at home and taking care of my family. Hope your doing the same.

      1. Human beings are strange creatures. They will realize its power now. In a few days they ll be back to their normal routines of damaging the eco system and thus creating a new virus.

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