💚The future positive outlook after the COVID -19 outbreak. #lockdowneffects🙇‍♀ #stayhomestaysafe💜

Lock down measures
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Hello dear readers,💜 😊 hope y’all are doing good and safe at home during this lockdown period. There’s always change over’s to look forward to after a global slow down period. We were all Witnesses to this pandemic now. There will be positive as well as negative effects in the future after this lockdown period. We need to focus on the positive sides for supporting ourselves and others.  

I took a short break from writing for a while as I busy during this time with family. Supporting them meant a lot to me. Everyone one of you must be having a story to tell about what you did and went through during lockdown time at home. My utmost priority is to stay home, stay safe, support family and friends. My eldest daughter was stranded in another country, luckily she could travel safely to a cousins place there.

Here in India the 40 days Lockdown is coming to an end. The Indian government is trying to slowly open the quarantine measures here.

What’s the positive outlook that this lockdown has brought and its positive feedback?

All these day’s we self quarantined ourselves in our own house’s for our safety this has given all of our family members and friends a great opportunity to spend time together at home or through online networks.

🙏The worst situation has brought the best heroes out of their shell. 👩‍⚕ Now they are on duties risking their life’s for ours. Their duty mindedness and kindness is saving this world. 👮‍♂These front line staff and on-duty people are sacrificing their lives to save people. Without them, we all would have been in hell.

Quarantine period
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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 More than ever we all are staying in touch with families and friends through video conference’s, chats etc to make sure all are well, safe and happy at home. No doubt our bonds had grown stronger than before. I felt grateful and blessed as many people had called to check on our well being. We look forward to spending time with them after everything is normal.

🙇‍♀Another positive triumph we can witness is many governments are working hand in hand putting their political rivalry aside to help each other handle this crisis. Countries and people are realizing their strengths and weaknesses. Cost of someone’s negligence or accident or intentionally released virus is barred by all people of the world. This is a great lesson to the countries which are planning and creating such dangerous bioweapons these weapons, these bioweapons will not spare anything in its way not even it’s creators.

This Covid pandemic has revealed to them their readiness in the handling of such great medical emergencies. It’s clear that only after a Vaccine for Covid-19 is ready we get to be free of this virus completely. Till then we all need to be careful and follow the government guidelines.

💗Another wonderful positive aspect of this global lockdown is our earth is getting it’s time to rekindle itself. As we know our polluted rivers and air are getting cleaner. Animals and birds are making new habitats and moving around free on the streets. The ozone layer is healing itself. In a matter of a few months of lockdown, unbelievable changes happened.

🕊🐦🦘More than ever our slowed-down lifestyle has shown many of us the real value of life and how we should coexist with nature without destroying it. We tried to dominate it by overruling and overusing its resources. As these animals are moving freely now on our streets, we can realize what we have done.


🙏🙏We cannot forget the hefty sum amounts of money donated by big companies, celebrities, and other kind-hearted people. Service-minded people have raised to the occasion and did their part tirelessly in providing to the needy. They reached the near and far to their capability.

“Stay where you are, the space you have nurtured will nurture you back” #homeiswheretheloveis

Happiness at home, stay home to be safe from Covid virus
To be safe safe stay home 💗

If we all are staying in our homes to protect ourselves, we protect others too who are more vulnerable to this Covid -19 virus. In the future after all this crisis is over, we are going to step into a different new world. 

May there be peace and quiet around you. 💗🙏 Only a positive attitude and collective thinking can get out of this situation smoothly.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, please do comment below to share your views on the positive outlook in this lockdown time.

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